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LiftMaster 8550 Elite Series Garage Door Opener Review

Rating: 4 (out of 5)

The LiftMaster 8550 is an elite series product from the brand which incorporates variety of newLiftMaster 8550 technologies into a single garage door opener for superior user experience. The product provides exceptional performance, connectivity and security made possible by patented technologies that are integrated in a subtle yet prominent manner.

Designed to be completely automatic, the 8550 elite series garage door opener is a product that seamlessly integrates with your smartphone or tablet to allow users to interact with ease. The product is compatible with an exclusive app which is free to download from the app store and can be used to customize the lights, timer settings, open/close functionalities with the flick of a finger.

High quality, durable performance is ensured by the in-built P3 Motors that are certified by the brand for their exceptional power. The LiftMaster 8550 features powerful motor system which efficiently opens all types of door. Its ultra-quiet operation creates a noise free environment for the residents and the belt system is completely maintenance free. The product also has in-built security features including timer, motion detector and protector system for increased privacy.

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A closer look at the LiftMaster 8550

LiftMaster 8550 reviewEase of installation

With a detailed step by step manual, the LiftMaster 8550 garage door opener can be installed fairly easily. The mandatory tools required to setup the opener are bundled with the product and it can be installed without professional assistance if you have a bit of technical nous. The product comes with accessories including 3-button premium remote control and 880LM smart control panel which can be configured with the help of the user manual.

PS3 motor power

Designed to provide a reliable performance, the LiftMaster 8550 features a PS3 motor that offers a lot of power, and is built to last. The belt drive system integrated DC motor is extremely quiet when working and is energy efficient because it consumes 75% less power in standby mode. The motor and belt has a lifetime warranty while battery backup gets 1 year and parts have 5-year warranty period.

Security featuresLiftMaster 8550 garage door opener

The 8550 elite series garage door opener has excellent security features. Security+ 2.0 sends a new code every time to the opener so that it works only for you. The Posi Lock patented system electronically monitors the door for any forced opening attempts and instantly warns the resident.

An automatic timer closes doors when they are accidentally left open and alert-2-close system uses audible visual warnings during closing procedure. The door opener also has motion sensor detector which automatically switches on the lights and saves you from fumbling in the dark.


LiftMaster 8550 is compatible with MyQ technology which allows virtual garage door monitoring and works with the free MyQ mobile app that facilitates users to customize the controls by using a mobile device. Users can know the status of garage door and houselights with e-mail or pop-up notifications on the chosen device.

Additional information

Using the LiftMaster 8550 garage door opener in a residential environment is reliable, durable and highly secure. The product is in-built with Protector System which beams light across the surface when the door is closing. It detects any intrusion during this process and will automatically reverse the door for safety.


Last thoughts on the LiftMaster 8550

This unit is very quiet, so if you live in a townhouse, or you have a bedroom directly above the garage then you will not notice a thing from inside the house. It is easy to operate and has a lot of really useful features. Being able to sync up with your mobile device to operate it gives you that much more control and convenience too. The LiftMaster 8550 is a good quality garage door opener that also offers value for your money also.

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